Life can be hard sometimes. Do you agree? Not always does everything go exactly as planned.

Loved ones pass, unexpected accidents happen, and major life changes occur at the blink of an eye. Our health can decline without us even being aware of when that change began.

A lot of times we can feel overwhelmed or experience extreme heartache over many of these situations. Over time we become numb. Resulting in the need to shut down our feelings so we just don’t have to feel.

We lose the person we used to be. We start to conform to what others around us think we should be or what they want us to be. Shutting down our own emotions and feelings to please those around us. Limiting our time to heal, feel and process through our thoughts. This can affect our physical healing as well.

At some point along this path, we begin to develop symptoms we didn’t use to have. Symptoms that start to control our day. Our days could be good or they could be bad. Somewhere along the path we even began to alter our life around these symptoms instead of living life freely.

These patterns of merely existing become our norm.

These events and patterns can start as early as childhood. We can begin life following patterns we didn’t even know were created. All because the heart’s ability to feel and receive love was suddenly blocked. A wall was put up and we prevented ourselves from feeling. Feeling who we really are. Feeling our true purpose and what brings us joy and happiness.

We no longer understand how to truly give or more importantly receive love. Our relationships with our family, friends, significant others and life in general just feel comfortable but lacking that spark. That spark we then try to fulfill with materialistic things or try to get fulfilled from others.

Looking in the mirror and loving ourselves becomes hard. We feel unhappy with the person looking back. Not sure who that person truly is inside. Feeling lost as to where to begin to know how to love ourselves again and how to heal emotionally and physically.

If this sounds all too familiar you may not even know where to start healing. I understand what you are feeling and encourage you to get to know me and see how I decided to take my healing into my own hands and find my self again.

How I can help you!

In my 10 Week 1:1 Virtual Coaching Program we dive deep into the emotions surrounding your physical pain and the entirety that comes with it. We dive into heartache, fears, and the lack of self-love. Digging deep is important in the process of getting you back to loving yourself again. Focusing on bringing joy back to your heart. We may find there has been a combination of both poor lifestyle choices and unhealthy emotional patterns contributing to your symptoms. By diving deep we can get to the truth of why they started and how to work towards change. 

Going within will open you up to the love others are trying to give. So you can finally be fully open to receive. Because the love you will have first is love for yourself and the person you have uncovered.

During our time together my intention is not to be looked at as your “psychiatrist”. I want to be the coach alongside you. Helping you better understand your emotions and physical symptoms and how they may be related. I want to help educate you on living a healthier lifestyle specifically for what your mind and body needs.

This program includes :
  • Functional Medicine Coaching tailor to your specific needs
  • 10 1:1 sessions with me
  • Guided breathing techniques 
  • Sound therapy
  • NLP techniques (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) 
  • Emotion Code/Body Code muscle testing and release techniques
  • Access to daily movement video 

If you are truly ready to heal emotionally and physically to become the person you know is deep down inside I encourage you to contact me today. I encourage the women out there who feel unworthy or like you just aren’t enough to reach out and see how I can help. I encourage the men out there who are suffering inside but don’t quite understand why or how to express it to contact me today.

It is time to become the person you always wanted to be. Don’t let the fear of change hold you back anymore. It’s time to evolve!

Evolve within your health, your life, and within your heart.


What others like you had to say.

I feel amazing Erica. Literally sleeping better, physically feel better, and mentally feel like I’m in control of my healing. I feel like I can focus on just healing my body and nothing is in the way. You’re incredible and you have helped me, my family and my friends. 



Erica is the real deal. Her passion for helping people heal is evident from the moment you walk into her office. She takes time to really listen to people and works like a detective to help them figure out the cause of whatever is ailing them. She celebrates successes and is determined to help people find the best treatment modality for them.



Erica is wonderfull!! I met her through a referral and although I live miles and miles away, we were able to setup a few calls and really dive deep into the root of all my aches and pains. She was able to uncover a lot of things emotionally that I didn’t know I was holding onto which was contributing a huge part to my physical pain. After our time together I went away feeling like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders both physically and mentally. Thank you Erica!!


If you have some or all of these symptoms/fears this program can help you.
  • Anxiety
  • Bloating
  • Constipation/diarrhea/IBS
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Ovarian Cyst/painful irregular menstrual cycles
  • Sciatica
  • Fear of failure
  • Heartache
  • Fear of doing what you really want to do
  • Fear of judgment
  • Inability to set boundaries and keep them
  • Lack of confidence
  • Lack of understanding of your own body
  • Fear of your health
  • Feeling lost and hopeless

Let’s get started! CONTACT ME today!