Have You Become Hopeless?

Choosing the right person for your health can be a difficult task and sometimes very stressful. Not every doctor or therapist is right for you.

Have you ever been to the doctor or a therapy appointment and felt like you are just a number? Or maybe you felt like whoever was suppose to be caring for you treated you and your symptoms like they were the same as every person who walked in the door. Each time you go to someone new you have new hope. Maybe they really want to hear about how you are feeling, you leave feeling defeated again. Each appointment feeling like the last. Eventually, you just settle for that one person you feel comfortable talking to but you know deep down that there is more to what is really going on with you. You just settle with this person because you feel like this one actually cares and maybe, just maybe, one day they will figure you out.

You know that saying “trust your gut“.

Well, when it comes to your health you should always trust your gut. If you feel like you aren’t getting the care you deserve then you should trust that and MOVE ON.

I’ve worked in both big hospitals and small hospitals. With each, I have seen some pretty shocking things. Many times seeing people just like you being treated like numbers or symptoms. People’s health being treated like an experiment or not taken seriously. Healthcare professionals who haven’t stepped outside the box (or standard textbook) to go above and beyond for their patients. I’ve also watched professionals who truly do care about their patients they just haven’t been exposed to the right education.

There is also the problem with time, most healthcare professionals just aren’t given enough time to truly listen to their patients. They have 10-20 min with you to get all your information and formulate a treatment plan. How can you possibly be efficient with that time restraint? Trust me when I say these health care professional most times are just as frustrated as you that they can’t figure you out. However, they are stuck in this job setting or have just gotten comfortable and don’t know a way out. I like to say these professionals only know what they know. So, therefore, they can only treat how they know.

I have many clients who express their frustration to me about previous therapies or professionals they have seen. Asking me why they didn’t find the problem years ago? Or, how did they not know? The only way I can truly explain it is they didn’t know what they didn’t know.

One thing your healthcare professional should be willing to do is to admit when they don’t know. If they actually do admit this that is your time to ask them if they have the resource to find out a solution or if they know someone who can.

It’s time we as individuals start taking our own health more seriously.

We can start by educating ourselves. Caring enough about our health and wellness to learn more about ways we can prevent pain, illness, and disease. Prevention is much easier to learn about than discovering the right treatment. Even things like knowing more about the advice being given to you by professionals are beneficial. Trust your intuition on whether or not you feel it is what you need. If you don’t feel its right ask questions! That is your right as a client and patient.

If you are already on medication or a treatment plan educate yourself. Learn the side effects or alternatives to the medications you have been prescribed. If you can’t find the information ask for it. Again, that is your right!

Educating yourself on your symptoms may lead you to the right professional. Knowing more about yourself will make it easier to know if the professional helping you truly understands what is going on with you.

Do you feel you are getting the right treatment for your health?

Your health is in your hands, it’s up to you to take over the power of your own healing.

Here is a teaser of 7 ways to jump-start better health…

  1. Learn to love yourself and the person you are or working to become
  2. Drink more water
  3. Practice breathing every single day
  4. Meditate/practice grounding
  5. Get quality sleep
  6. Focus more on what or who makes you happy
  7. Move (walk, crawl, roll on the ground, jump up and down, I don’t care just move)



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