Getting all the right foods in a day can be hard.

Some days you may feel you are getting in all the right amounts of veggies and fruits and other days you may feel you just can’t figure out how it’s even possible.

Watch the video below to see how Juice Plus+ can bridge the gap for your concerns.

What I take…

I personally take all the capsules Juice Plus+ offers and that includes:

  • fruit blend capsules
  • vegetable blend capsules
  • berry blend capsules
  • omega blend capsules

I live a healthy lifestyle where I try to get the right amounts of veggies and fruits daily. However, it would take eating pounds of these foods at a time to get in all the nutrients we need daily to fight off the oxidative stress we are constantly being exposed too.

To ease my concerns I choose Juice Plus+ for additional nutrient support. I no longer take multi-vitamin blends nor do I have concerns about what I am taking or where it is sourced from.


My favorite part about the products is the key ingredients that help fight off inflammation in the body. Inflammation is a huge cause of illness, chronic pain, and other health concerns commonly seen today.

The antioxidant blend also has key ingredients for protecting against free radicals. Free radicals are what we want to protect the cells in our body from being exposed to. Free radicals can cause harm to our cells which can result in things like premature aging and disease to occur.

So yes antioxidants have anti-aging benefits! 🙂

Then we have the fruit and veggie blends. First, who couldn’t use a little more fruits and veggies in their diet?

Some of the specific ingredients that have been chosen for these blends are hard to get fresh in most areas we live in. Making the ingredients even more beneficial.

Furthermore, the soil that these fruits and veggies are grown in are tested for its quality to ensure you are getting the highest benefit they can provide. Most foods in grocery stores today are lacking the growth in nutrient-dense soil. Even if we think we are eating healthy we can still be lacking vital nutrients in the food itself. 

Imagine if your body is already lacking these essential foods on a daily basis. Adding in Juice Plus+ to your daily routine could do wonders for your health. 

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