Have You Been Diagnosed With Fibromyalgia or Another Chronic Pain Illness?

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or some other sort of chronic illness you may be searching for help.

Welcome to the world of “stepping into a diagnosis”. If the questions inside your head haven’t started, they soon will.

How will you continue with life? Who should you trust with your health? Will you live like this forever?

If you are like a lot of others with a diagnosis this is some, if not all, of the thoughts many people go through. What people don’t realize is you can live with a diagnosis your whole life. By live I mean really truly continue to LIVE. Yes, there are some diagnoses that may affect your length of life. However, most diagnoses can be with a person for many many years and that person can still live a good quality life with very little awareness of the “issue”.

So you have this diagnosis, now what?

Well, that is now up to you. You can either choose to become your diagnosis or move on to the prognosis.

Take a min to watch the video below but come back because there is more.

Let’s talk about some common diagnosed illnesses like fibromyalgia.

In the world I live in many diseases, illness, or whatever it is you’d like to call them stem from chronic inflammation. I say “the world I live in” because I really at times feel like its a different world. Many times I feel as though what I believe, and the people I surround myself with believe, are living in this separate learning world. We have to get respect from others in this different world so we can express the things we see that help in our “world”.

In my learning, fibromyalgia is basically chronic inflammation. I am not a medical doctor and I am not here to tell you what you have or give you a new diagnosis. I am simply giving my thoughts and expressing what I have researched and learned over time.

  • Unexplainable pain that isn’t consistent
  • Pain that moves from one area to another
  • Some moments severe pain other moments are tolerable pain
  • Achy joints in the morning
  • Tired all the time
  • Random unexplained pain flare ups
  • Weight gain especially in the abdominal area
  • Skin problems
  • Digestive issues
  • Arthritis

Has anyone ever told you these are all symptoms of chronic inflammation? Maybe someone has but have they ever given you a solution beyond drugs or medication with multiple side effects listed.

Here’s something to think about. look up the definition of arthritis.


Hmm..there is that word again, inflammation. So why aren’t we given a solution for the inflammation besides drugs? Drugs that cause more side effects and most times more problems. I often hear people say “Oh I have arthritis but that’s just from old age”. Wait, what? What about the 90-year-old individuals without any arthritis? Shouldn’t they have it too if it comes with old age. Think about the young kids that have arthritis you can’t say that is from old age. This is the body telling you something needs to be changed. It doesn’t care what age you are. What if we just get rid of the arthritis? We may not have a stiff joint anymore. Right?

Did you know things like walking daily, a healthy diet, mediation, positive thinking, rebounding, salt baths, and amino neuro frequency have all been knowN to have positive effects on inflammation.

Yes, something as simple as changing your mindset can positively affect inflammation. When we are under chronic stress we keep our body in a flight or fight state which can create inflammation in the body. So when someone tells you your stress is causing you to be sick, that very well could be true. Dealing with stress is not easy, trust me I know. However, when given the right tools to deal with stress that is when it becomes a little less challenging.

How about the diagnosis of Herniated disc.

I hear a lot of people say I can’t do that I have a herniated disc. I’ve had it for blah blah years. So for the last, let’s say 10 years, this individual has literally been restricting themselves of LIFE because of a diagnosis. They may not actually know if they can or can not do that activity because they never actually tried it. They just stopped living life because they were told they have a herniated disc.

Instead of adapting ourselves because of a diagnosis, we allow the diagnosis itself to adapt us.

I have witnessed individuals doing things I could not even imagine doing with more than a herniated disc. People I would imagine to be in severe pain doing the unthinkable all because they decided not to become their diagnosis and worked on the prognosis. They have the mindset of this is not going to stop me from living and doing what I want to do. The body listens to what the mind says. It does exactly what you are telling it.

My experience.

I have been diagnosed with a herniated disc, I have been told I have an autoimmune disease, I’ve struggled with digestive issues, chronic inflammation, strep throat multiple times, mono multiple times and I have also been told I shouldn’t do this or that. Did I stop living? No! I searched for the answers that made sense and listened to my body and mind. I worked on my attitude towards my body and learned to love the process instead of hating my body for giving me these challenges. Do I still have these issues?  I have no idea and I don’t really care because I am living and it doesn’t really matter. The things we go through in life are all about how we perceive them. Then we decide from our perception how to react.

You have a choice. You can either love yourself enough to keep fighting and healing or you can allow what someone tells you about yourself to become your life.

Keep fighting – you are worth it.


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