Kick Toxicity & Harmful Chemical Exposure To The Curb  

In our modern world, we are unfortunately surrounded by hazardous substances that can have negative health effects even in tiny doses. Chemicals eaten in foods or drinks, applied to your skin or inhaled from the air can be absorbed by your body and may cause harm to your cells and organ systems. They can cause inflammation and increase the body’s production of free radicals, thus increasing your likelihood of developing chronic health problems from Type 2 diabetes to autoimmune diseases to cancer. They can also mimic the body’s hormones and cause major imbalances. The science behind the major impact of toxins on our health is solid at this point; what is lacking is simply our awareness.

The good news is that the body has innate detoxification processes which, if well supported, can well protect the body from occasional, mild exposure. Toxin avoidance, however, is a key part of ensuring that our detoxification capability is sufficient to help us stay well. When we have toxic overload from constant or even daily exposure our bodies become overloaded. Our body will store toxins that cannot be excreted which then contributes to ongoing disease risk.

If we don't change the environment that may be causing our symptoms and health issues then those issues will just continue to resurface. Our environment consists of the daily routines we have, the people we surround ourselves with, and the products we choose to use in our home and on our bodies. Our skin is like a giant mouth it absorbs everything we put on it. If you wouldn't eat it you shouldn't put it on your skin.

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The less toxins we have in our life the more efficient our bodies natural detox processes can work.







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