Did you know scars can cause major dysfunction and pain throughout the body if not treated properly? You may have a well-healed scar on the outside after an injury/surgery but it’s what’s on the inside where the truth lies. During surgery, scar tissue is formed inside the body and if this is never addressed, movement dysfunctions can start to form. The brain sees scars as a threat. Think of it like this, the scar is something foreign to the brain and the brain wants to heal this area or needs something in that area to change. If there is no change the brain keeps concentrating on that area which gives less thought to the muscles and tissue around the scar. You can see how this canRead More
When it comes to chronic pain, we can all at times go down a deep hole of endless thoughts. Why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this? Will I ever get better? What is causing this? Why is nothing helping me? We all have been in some type of pain in our lifetime. So why is it that pain affects everyone differently? Could it be because of the way each individual thinks about pain? Some people choose to let pain become a part of them, believing it is now their new “norm”. They get the belief that they will never get better and might as well just get used to it. There are others who choose to use pain asRead More

February 28, 2017

Have You Become Hopeless?

Choosing the right person for your health can be a difficult task and sometimes very stressful. Not every doctor or therapist is right for you. Have you ever been to the doctor or a therapy appointment and felt like you are just a number? Or maybe you felt like whoever was suppose to be caring for you treated you and your symptoms like they were the same as every person who walked in the door. Each time you go to someone new you have new hope. Maybe they really want to hear about how you are feeling, you leave feeling defeated again. Each appointment feeling like the last. Eventually, you just settle for that one person you feel comfortable talking to but you know deep down thatRead More

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