Black Friday Sales 2021

I know going low-tox or non-tox in your home and lifestyle can be both overwhelming and pricey at first. That’s why I find Black Friday to be the perfect time to stock up! It is also a great time to splurge a little and get that wellness item you have really been wanting to add to your healing toolbox.

To make shopping a little easier I decided to put everything I love in one place this year. I love supporting these companies because they too care about your health. Plus I love that most of these companies are just small business as well.

Please know I also appreciate you supporting my business and I am beyond excited that you are deciding to add some healthier items to your lifestyle. That is really the main reason I love to share. I really want you all to have options that will help in your healing like they did for me.


Ani-Aging, Body Recovery, Thyroid support and Cellular Repair:

  • Red Light Therapy. Anytime discount code Evolve for 10% off (this code can be used all year round). Additional Black Friday sales are holidaysale20 on the Guardian and Shine devices, holidaysale15 on the Recharge and Restore devices. I use my red light therapy every morning. It is like a dose of sunshine in the morning and has really helped support my thyroid and my skin health. I also notice more energy, better sleep and mood support when using it.

Pain reduction, Cellular support, Detox support, Circulation support, Relaxation, and so much more:

  • HealthyLine Far-Infrared Mats Anytime discount code EvolveWithinGift on none sale items. They have products discounted 15-20% right now. I absolutely love my mat. I couldn’t image not having it. With a history of endometriosis this mat has done wonders for supporting me in healing. It is amazing for reducing pain almost immediately. I notice better circulation, better immune health and it is just amazing when needing a little help relaxing. I even sleep with it on my bed some nights to help get a deeper sleep.

Clean Home Water:

  • Travel or Under Sink Water Filter Anytime discount code Evolve for 10% off anything on the site (this code can be used all year round). The minerals are added back and no other steps needed with this filter. This is some of the best water I have tasted. They also have a great shower filter option on their website.
  • Berkey Countertop water filter  (minerals aren’t added back with this option). Free shipping on orders $59+. Use code HOLIDAY2021 on any items that are not already on sale for 12% off. Click their Black Friday banner at the top of the website for deals.

Home Storage Product:

  • Stasher bags 25% off sitewide. These are my absolute favorite items for storing food, packing snacks for on the go, etc. I use them while traveling to carry my makeup. They work great as freezer bags. They are good for liquids and solids. There are so many uses for them and they are great if you have kids. You can put anything in them. I love that I hardly use plastic bags anymore.

Multi-Purpose Home Cleaning and Laundry Product options:

  • Branch Basics (Non-Toxic Cleaning) (anytime discount code Erica10 for starter kits). Black Friday deals will be announced Friday. I use these products for everything from laundry, to cleaning toilets to getting stains out of everything. This is truly a multi use product.
  • Earthley product line 20% off sitewide with code BLACKFRIDAY2021. I added this under home products because they do have great laundry, home cleaning and dishwasher powder options.

Skin Care, Body Wash, Make-Up, Essential Oils, and Body Oils:

  • Aleavia Non-Toxic Body Wash (anytime discount code Evolve15). This is the biggest sale they have every year. BF2021 30% sitewide! This is the only body wash I use. I also use it for shaving, for face wash and sometimes even for shampoo.
  • By Achilles Holistic Skin Care (anytime discount code Erica10) Black Friday sale is 20% off everything!
  • Mascara 20% off sale starts tomorrow. I love this mascara especially to give my lashes a thicker more fuller look.
  • High-Quality Essential Oils and Jojoba Oil Black Friday sales start tomorrow. I love their essential oils and jojoba oil. It is the only “lotion” I use for full body lotion.

Herbal Remedies, Salves, Chapstick, Skincare and more!

  • Earthley product line 20% off sitewide on Black Friday. I love their lymphatic cream, goodnight cream, digestive bitters, castor oil packs, vitamin C, salves and so much more. You could spend hours going through everything they have to offer.

Mold Solution Products:

  • EC3 products $10 off all orders of $100 or more. Plus 15% off their fogger bundles with code FOG15OFF. I use their laundry additive for every laundry load and especially with bath towels. If you have every noticed a musty smell on your towels this solution is a must. If you have ever had mold issues in your home many of these products would be good to consider getting.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses (help improve sleep):

  • Ra Optics (code evolve) plus they are having sales on their website. These are the best blue light blocking glasses that I have found. I have even tried many less expensive ones on amazon that just don’t do what these do. They helped improve my sleep immediately. I use the amber ones after sunset.

Supplement and CBD Options:

  • Quality Supplements (for a discount). If you sign up for my fullscript account you can automatically get 10% off all products. For cyber Monday they are also doing free shipping on all orders.
  • Organic Olivia (my favorite herbal supplements) This is the biggest sale this company ever has. Use code VIPSALE for 20% sitewide or 25% off over over $250. These are some of these best herbal formulas I have found. I love all her products. I currently use the probiotic, digestive juice for digestion support, and her zinc. I have helped my hair grow with her mane magic and used many other products for other purposes.
  • High-Quality CBD Very good quality. They do third party testing and also test for heavy metals. Big sales going on! Use code EVOLVE35 for 35% off sitewide.


  • Pact organic cotton clothes. I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from here.


  • Earth Runner Sandals  These are my favorite barefoot sandals. I’ve wore these hiking the Grand Canyon and put many more miles in them hiking and everyday wearing. Highly recommend.

If any sales change or get added I will try to update them here.

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