Hello & Welcome!

My name is Erica Wheeler I am an Emotional Health and Lifestyle Coach. I specialize in Neurokinetic Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programing, Reiki, Frequency Sound Therapy and the Emotion Code/Body Code System. IĀ help women overcome bloating and digestive stress by working through past emotions and changing lifestyle habits so they no longer have to live around their symptoms.

I want you to know that I understand what you are going through. I was sick, tired and frustrated too. I had pain that no one had answers for and I was given multiple diagnosis with no solutions. On top of pain in numerous areas of my body the pain I experienced during my menstrual cycle ruined numerous days for me every month. My anxiety was becoming out of control and I was beginning to lose hope in myself and my body. One day I decided it was time to change my story. That same year I changed my life, my career and my symptoms.

I became and Emotional Health and Lifestyle Coach so I could help people change their stories too. I specialize in the specific techniques that so greatly helped me with my own emotional health, pain and movement dysfunctions. Learn more about my story here.

My hope in sharing my journey is that each individual reading my story can know that I too was in your situation. I was physically and emotionally exhausted and searching for an answer. All I wanted was someone to help me! Today I hope to be a healing resource for each and every one of my clients. The missing piece to your puzzle.