Your Healing Resource

Erica Wheeler

Becoming a Healing Resource; Erica’s Journey

I have always been fascinated with the anatomy and physiology of the human body. I started my journey toward helping others with a degree in Applied Science majoring in Radiology. After working in the field for over 7 years I discovered there were more ways to help. I could help people learn how to help themselves. This led me to earn a personal trainers certificate through National Academy of Sports Medicine. Not long after earning my CPT certificate I started seeing a massage therapist for the pain I had been experiencing for 2 years from an accident where I sustained a lacerated kidney and a broken tenth rib. The therapist was able to reduce my pain in a one-hour session. The personal success I had at this session led me to pursue my true passion.

I am now a graduate of Orion Institute and soon to be graduating as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®. I specialize in the specific techniques that so greatly helped me with my own emotional health, pain and movement dysfunctions.

My hope in sharing my journey is that each individual reading my story can know that I too was in your situation. I was in pain and searching for an answer, I wanted someone to help me! Today I hope to be a healing resource for each and every one of my clients. The missing piece to your puzzle.


Let me first start out by saying I absolutely recommend Erica for her professional healing services. As a former active Army soldier with lingering injuries from deployment and someone who is active in adult rec sports leagues, I’ve had my fair share of doctor consultations and physical therapy for recovery. It was recommended to me that I had shoulder surgery which was not my preference. Once I started working with Erica her upfront honesty, knowledge and overall general care for her clients well being had me confident and at ease as we worked through the process. After in-person appointments coupled with suggested at home practices over time, I went from zero shoulder rotation to complete rotation with no pain AND no surgery! My experience working with Erica far exceeds anything I’ve encountered with anyone in her profession and I recommend her services at every opportunity.
David Kelly

Total rockstar! She has no idea how talented she is and that’s what makes her awesome. She always wants better for you, and won’t stop until she figures it out! She has helped me with so many different issues. A client-based therapist is hard to come by these days, and Erica nails it!
Aaron Locke

Erica is seriously a miracle worker! She’s helped me with everything from a stiff neck, to TMJ relief, to scar tissue energy release. She’ll even teach you easy exercises or little changes you can make to keep the tension from coming back again. If you’ve ever said the word “ouch,” call her today to get better – both physically and mentally.
Robin Mahle

I feel amazing Erica. Literally sleeping better, physically feel better, and mentally feel like I’m in control of my healing. I feel like I can focus on just healing my body and nothing is in the way.

What a blessing Erica has been for my personal stress, breathing techniques, and releasing pain in areas I had been used to having for years! The discs she uses are amazing. I knew little about them going in but what a life-changing experience that was! I have experienced movements in energy and have gained positive energy that lasts much longer than expected. I have seen her grow in her career and advance her knowledge and what a passionate person she is. She even spent hours outside the office helping me. She is dead on with finding pain and stress without me indicating so. We need more Erica’s in this field and in life in general!! Thank you, Erica, for everything, see you soon.

My visit with Erica was really great. Not only did I feel great physically, I also left there feeling encouraged that I won’t have to live with my aches and pains forever. She is a healer. And it works!